Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Punitive Response to:

J. Arthur Tildad Editor at Large - The World is a Stage

Dear Editor Jerk:

If you publish Mr. Johnson's blogs, you are required to run them in tact. Redactions will not be tolerated in the future. Although we disagree with your right not to run them at all, that is your only option. Any other attempt to change the material included in Mr. Johnson's essays will be viewed as "intellectual property defacement." Where was your editorial staff when Mr. Johnson published the word Digus instead of Dingus. Surely the job of editor includes major spelling mistakes as well as irrational censorship.

Consider yourself served.

Absolutely no regards,

Walter P. Helmhurst, Esq.
Hunt, Funt, Lunt and Cunningham
Attorneys at Law

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