Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Editors Response:
Mr. Helmhurst, since you have chosen this open forum to challenge my ruling on Mr. Johnson's probationary suspension, I will answer it here as well.

At "The World is a Stage" we have a standard of "information with a smile". We are dedicated to publishing interesting stories that are theatrical and yes... funny. Some of Mr. Johnson's stories have been just that. In fact some of the writing he did during his Broadway days was exemplary. However, his writing seems to have taken a much darker turn after his recent assignment in London. References to "Dickless Producers" and rants on the beloved users of FaceBook caused us to take actions we have never had to take before. We were forced to set guidelines for the blog. (Note, Rules for Blog July 30. 2008)

In the month that followed Mr. Johnson grew continually more serious and humorless in his blogs and often resorted to posting "videos" instead of writing. Although he was given Sunday's off to help his "creative flow" the quality did not improve. I have not laughed once since early August.

However, the blog he submitted for the August 30th publication was depressing, demeaning and de-worst. We will not let him exploit this blog to air his depressions even if they are a cry for help. There is too much competition for internet time to let him continue to write from this "dark side" as you put it.

The suspension will remain in effect until such time as we receive a funny, non offensive, clever and uplifting blog to publish.

J. Arthur Tildad,
Editor at Large - The World is a Stage.


the other one said...

and the plot thickens....

Jay Johnson said...

I can't believe that these dickless editors are trying to ruin my blog. Is nothing sacred? Here I am left to make comments on my on blog. This is a sad day for freedom of expression.

Roomie said...

TAOP and I (TAOTB) are with you 150% and are ready to "come to your aid" whenever and wherever you need us. We do want you to be "a happy camper" because we love you very much. Your blog keeps a lot of folks going, you know, especially WE older ones. Are you fictionalizing all this or is it for real?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson you have broken the "dickless" rule even in the comment section of this blog. Is there no end to your attempt to drag freedom of expression to the depths of human desparation?

J. Arthur Tildad,
Editor at Large

Bob Conrad said...


As a ventriloquist argueing with yourself is acceptable, in fact it is what it is all about. You have taken this art form to a higher level, by doing so in a blog. Congratulations! And may the best man win!

Bob Conrad

Kenny Croes said...

Okay, now we're hiring lawyers, are we? This little cat fight betwen shadow and light has now risen to a new level. What's next? An injuction whereby Mr. Johnson's lighter side cannot come within 50 feet of his darker side?

Erik Gustafson said...

The Editor has ruled...
"The suspension will remain in effect until such time as we receive a funny, non offensive, clever and uplifting blog to publish."

If I want to experience all of those requirements, I'll go to my local church and listen to the sermon.