Saturday, September 13, 2008

Editors Note to the only reader of this blog: Dear sir or madam - although we believe that Mr. Johnson is not writing what we think he is capable of, we can find no objectionable material in the submission for today, Saturday, 13th. As you know the editors are always trying to think of your good and your rights when we squash the liberal mind excretions of Mr. Johnson. Here then is his submission. The editorial staff thinks it meets the standards of family values and religious virtues.

Jaiy Johnston wrote:
Kittens and puppies are really soft and cute. I had a kitten once. She was fluffy and cute. I think it was a girl, I can't really tell with cats, and what does it matter anyway once you have them neutered. But I named her Midnight because she wasn't very bright. I don't mean she wasn't smart. I mean she didn't give off much light. It was impossible to play with her at night. I remember thinking, "Wow, I sure wish there was a way that I could play with my kitty at night. What could I do? How could I play with my kitty and light up the yard at the same time?"

That is when we got a puppy. He was fluffy and cute. I love puppies and pigs but for different reasons. I hope you can find a puppy, or kitty or pig that you like to play with. They are good holsom fun full of family values and religious virtues.

OBTW.... I still can't get over the excitement of the Republican Convention a few weeks ago. John McCain reminds me of my grandfather. My grandfather is in a home cause he forgets a lot like Senator McCain. Won't it be great to have a Grandfather in the Whitehouse and a down to earth, hottie, mother figure that looks like Tina Fey as VP. Isn't that Gov. Sarah something? I guess she will be a grandmother soon as well. What a great pair, an old man and a hot young grandmother running the country. That sounds great. She has done so well raising her five kids, think what she can do for the country when Sen. McCain dies. Wow... this country has never been in better hands than it is now. I sure hope the next Republican can find some more countries to help like we did in Iraq. And hasn't it been so much safer to walk to work at that second job now that the price of gas has taken so many cars off the road. Just the other day I was thinking how great it is for my friend Bernie. Bernie used to drive 45 minutes in traffic to his job. Last week they foreclosed on his house and now he and the kids live right across the street from his job, in a tent. He says it is just like camping.

They all lived happily ever after,

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