Friday, September 05, 2008

Additional Open Response to:

J. Arthur Tildad

Editor at Large - The World is a Stage

Dear Inconsiderate Authority Figure:

Once more the editorial, or as we see it, censorship staff of "The World is a Stage", has failed to understand the complexities of the artist's mentality. Art does not just flow through the artist like a river, but rather ebbs in the Artist like the tide. Unlike a river that is continually moving, the true artist is always in a state of expansion or contraction like the ocean tide.

There will be periods of pause or even reversal as the tide of creativity is either coming in or going out. This is art, and why you have engaged an artist to deliver his art for your blog. You can not expect our client Mr. Johnson to flow like the river with continually funny essays. That is not the dynamic of true organic art. You must allow his creativity to express the profane as a balance to the rushing tide of hilarity.

We urge you to publish the works of Jay Johnson that you have received over the last week. Even though they may not be the laugh riot you think is necessary to hold the blogal audience, they truly reflect his stream of consciousness at the moment.

Is this not the blog that claims to be: Journalized rants and ramblings from a fragmented ventriloqual mind. (Some names will be changed, some will not. They know who they are.)

Our client is ventriloqual, ranting, rambling and fragmented. Let Jay Johnson continue to publish his "rants" on this blog or we will be forced to take all remedies that are due us under the law.

Walter P. Helmhurst, Esq.
Hunt, Funt, Lunt and Cunningham
Attorneys at Law


Anonymous said...

The best part of this is that you can't even for a moment see Jay's lips move.

Dr. Manheim Gloster said...

I think what we are witnessing by reading is a complete personality split. Rarely have I seen it reproduced in literature. Usually the inter conflict of personalities stays repressed. Here it is open for all to see. I'm not sure this is funny, it is signs of a classic breakdown.

moondog said...

This appears to me to be classic "Jay" and some of his funniest work yet.

Roomie said...

What is going on? Who are all these people?

Jay Johnson said...

Thanks to to everyone for all your concern. I am just fine. I just want to get my blog back and keep writing. Mr. Helmhurst has filed a petition to the ICA and we should hear from them soon.
Thanks again,

Erik Gustafson said...

Hear, Hear!!!