Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twelve steps to see The TAO (The Two and Only)

Yesterday we started the process of announcing the World Priemer showing of "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" on iNDemand.  AUGUST 1ST... Check your local "pay-per view". And remember profits go to benefit the Home for Wooden Children, Encino Chapter.
I would not say the information went viral, but it was interesting to see how many times it was "shared" and how it looped back to the original.  I know why the metaphor for the information highway is a "web" .  Things don't go in a straight line but connect and interconnect in unexpected ways. 
I also noticed that there is a direct relationship between the speed at which we get information and the time it takes to forget. The quicker you can get a factoid the quicker you forget it.  In the prophetic words of Albert Einsten "Why remember what you can look up?"
Now that we can "look up" anything we want on a smart phone... why remember anything?  I think our knowledge is growing but our intelligence is shrinking.  We know how to let computers do more and more thinking for us as we lose the skill to think and remember for ourselves.  
This tacet connection to information is cause for many conflicts.  
There is confusion over "on-demand" and "iNDemand". iNDemand is Pay-Per-View, which is sometimes in the OnDemand section of your cable provider. Most major cable providers provide iNDemand.  One of my friends said that Time Warner in Dallas did not carry iNDemand.  I went to the iNDemand web site and noticed that Time Warner was one of the affiliates.  I clicked on the Time Warner logo at the iNDemand site and it took me to Time Warner ONDemand section.
So we are starting to avoid the confusion by just saying, "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only will be on Pay-Per-View starting August 1st."  
Unfortunately that caused another type of confusion as someone commented, "I've never heard of Paper View." 
Since we have a month or so before we have to find out how to "Paper View" I have decided to release information in a more metered way.  And, I have decided to make it a 12 step program. 
I shall call the program the PVA (Paper view Anonymous).  It is for those who may be having a problem with demanding what they want to see on television,  but don't want the social stigma attached.  (I'm talking to those of us who never could program a BETA Max and still call them "music albums")

PVA: Twelve Steps to TAO (Two and Only)

Step 1: Prepare
 Mark August 1st on your calendar.  Resolve that you will invest 5 bucks to see a show that
cost 25 times more to see at the Helen Hayes Theatre (if you were quick enough to even get there).  The next few steps will give you the tools to find "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" and download or stream it for a modest fee..( All profits benefit the Encino Home for Wooden children).  So... step 1... prepare.  Tell everyone you are going to watch JJ:The Two and Only August 1st.  This will spread the word and it will reenforce the date of AUGUST 1st in your memory.  

Tomorrow:  Step 2- How to keep from forgetting step 1.

As you were,


Dawn Hibbard said...

Go ahead, use "Paper View", but add instructions to look it up on a smart phone. Since we all use our phones to help us remember what we forget, it may well the best advertisement of the year.

Remind me, how did I happen to get into writing a comment here?

P. Grecian said...

The Encino Home for Wouldn't Children what?

And what's Papal View? Some religious thing?

Berrett Maynard - Bdoggzz said...

So if we have cut the cord to Cable and Satalite we are out of luck seeing this until it's eventual DVD/Bluray release?