Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Correcting the Course of the TAO

After circulating the WWW for a day, several of my detail oriented friends noticed this typo on the DVD Cover art. To a dyslexic like me I thought "the wonder fart of ventriloquism" was a new hip term for throwing your voice. (words like new and hip are rarely associated with ventriloquism). Actually that correction had already been made, and it was me who posted the incorrect proof.
Although several people noticed the "wonderfulart" typo, only one noticed that the original Broadway producers names were left off the credit list. That mistake was caught, of course, by one of the original Broadway producers.
So...37 days before you can "pay-per-view: Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!" and help children of the forrest. Yes the proceeds for this iNDemand release will go to aid the Home for Wooden Children of Encino. AUGUST 1st-.
As you were,

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