Friday, June 27, 2014

I want my, I want my VOD

The problem with instant communination is the shelf life.  It used to be a Circus could put up posters around town with the date and time of the performances and everyone would mark their calendar.  Back then it might be months before any other announcement posters would detract from the Circus.
Today we get the equivalent of a circus poster announcement with every other Facebook post.  And even if the post is not about an up and coming event it still competes for attention with every other puppy picture, cat pose and funny YouTube on the Internet. 
So with the attention span becoming smaller toward information which is expanding, how do you get the word out?  I suppose you have to keep publishing digital posters on a regular basis.  I am trying to do that on a daily basis.  If someone has to be reminded of an event on more than a daily basis, then perhaps the task of finding a place in that person's schedule is hopeless. 
Here is the deal. Starting AUGUST 1st you will be able to see "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" in HD super rez from the comfort of you own livingroom any time you decide to watch it.  It will be offered to 55 million households, along with every other iNDEMAND event.  The only viewers who will try to find it are the ones that know it is available. And those who know that it is available will have to decide when they want to watch it. 
In the coming days we will be announcing a "Virtual Opening Night Premier". This will be a specific day you can mark on your calendar with a time and see "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only."   Sort of like the day the Circus will come to YOUR town.  But you don't have to dress up or drive to the theatre to be part of the celebration. iNDemand will bring the Circus to you including the monkey.
This will be a major event and perhaps we can cover the red carpet arrivals of the stars of the show via a live video feed.  (Think Skpye from the hallway of my house. I am pretty much the only cast member who can actually "walk" the red carpet so... it will be short.) 
Those who particapate in the "Virtual Opening Night Premier" will be part of a greater digtal audience who will be experiencing the show at the same time in the comfort of their own living rooms linked in a cyber theatre.  Attending this premier in pajamas is acceptable and encouraged. 
However, in the mean time please virally let everyone you know that AUGUST 1st  the day the show will be exclusively available on iNDEMAND.  More later from these same viral stations.
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Trevor said...

I've put the date in my calendar and am looking forward to watching it with my daughter. We're currently working our way through Soap and enjoying Bob's sass all over again. :)