Monday, June 09, 2014

Monday Tonyversery

Congratulations to my friends Jamie deRoy for her Tony win as Producer of "A Gentleman's guide to Love and Murder", Neil Patrick Harris for his best Actor win and Beowulf Boritt for his win as set designer for "Act One."  
It was a bit of a flashback to celebrate my Tonyversery at a party in Los Angeles last night.  Every time there was a discernible camera shot of the audience at Radio City Music Hall Sandi and I would try to figure out who it was sitting in "our seats". (Aisle seats sixth row stage right section of the audience.)
In the excitement of the process and contested nature of the program it is hard to remember that it is after all a marketing tool for the shows and Broadway itself.  Never was it more evident than when they presented numbers from shows that were "Coming Soon" to Broadway.  Jennifer Hudson sang a song from the show "Neverland" which was one of those vague coming attractions.  However, don't be looking for Oscar winner Hudson to be a part of that show.  They hired her to do the number because they have not cast it yet.
The same applies to Sting's song from a new show about Gloria Estafan and her father.  Not sure how the Estafan's well know Hispanic ethnic heritage melds with Sting's Irish jig. To my knowledge that show is in the process of being done but not completed on it's journey to the great White Way.  
I say why not have some coming attractions to live theatre like they do for the movies.  But.... to accommodate that advertising at least two Tony Awards of note were awarded before the telecast and presented as "bumpers" from commercials.  Notably the Tony award for choreographer and the one for best book (writer) of a musical were not given air time so Sting and Jennifer could basically do a "Staged audition reading" for new shows.  That I don't think is right.
Next week Sandi and I are returning to NYC to attend the High School graduation of our niece. We hope to get to see some of the winning shows.
As far as I'm concerned everyone was a winner who attended last night even if it was only a nomination.  Just to get there represents a tremendous achievement and a special honor.  Live theatre is and always will be my favorite form of entertainment on and off the stage.
As you were,

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. However, I think that Sting performed a number from his own show, and the Estefan's introduced him because they, too, have a show. The sometimes inaudible announcer has very important information and plays more of a "host" then the actual master of ceremonies.
Just my thoughts.