Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Death of Vaudeville...

Recently at the Abbeville, SC Opera House I saw this sign back stage.  It is left over from the day when the theatre was a stop along the Vaudeville circuit.  It points out how far we have come from what Vaudeville considered proper or entertaining.  I am not sure there is a comedian working today who could do a show and also follow these rules.  I know that I would have difficulty even thought I have what is considered in the business a "clean" act.
It is too small to read in this photo but here is what is says: 

"Notice: Comedians -  Our public expects the cream of vaudeville and a weekly certainty of seeing a good show, perhaps even a great one.  Do not say "Slob" or "Son-of-a Gun" or "hully gee" on this stage unless you want to be cancelled immediately. Do not address anyone in the audience in any manner. If you do not have the ability to entertain the audience without risk of offending them, do the best you can.
Lack of talent will be less open to censure than would be an insult to a patron.  If you are in doubt as to the chareacter of your act- consult with the local manager before you go on stage for if you are guilty of uttereing anything sacrilegious or even suggestive you will be immediately closed and will never again be allowed in this theatre.
The Management
Abbeville's Grand Opera House
October 10, 1908

Happy Throw back Thursday .  I have to go and take all the "hully gee's" out of my act before show time tonight.
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P. Grecian said...

Hully gee!

John Wayne Peel said...

Son of a gully gee slob with a gun!

Tom Crowl said...

The writer of that later became a cruise director didn't he?