Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekly Apologies

I am very sorry that I have NOT yet learned what NOT to write  in a blog.
Apologies especially for misunderstandings that lead to quick responses, and I realize censoring names is still gossip.  Mostly though, why use the miracle of instantly publishable Blog space for anything negative. About anything or anyone. 
In the old days a writer would have a chance to think about an essay before it was published.
Before anyone could read it an editor looked at it and would approve or not.  There was a filter. Today there is no social filter.  
Writing is instantly published, so we must become self Editors. Proof it clearly not just for facts of truth but the intent of truth. Perhaps the quickest response is not always the best.  Every word thrown into the Internet should be of the highest quality for good, befitting the technology capable of beaming this message to masses. And just because you can get a laugh, doesn't mean you should, always, go for that laugh. Make sure the readers are laughing from within themselves not at someone else. 
Most of All remember the Krepple Creed.

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P. Grecian said...

As a general thing, I don't post the original material, but run it through the keyboard first. "I had this happen to me and someone suggested that..."
It gives me plausible denial if they come back on me (Really? You thought I was talking about you?) and allows me a chance to tell a good story. It's all about the stories.
When my dad was alive, he'd say to me, "Tell one of your stories! They make me laugh."
They weren't really stories...they were just things that had happened to me with a particular spin. Still are.
Keep telling your stories, Jay. They're great. It's all about the stories.