Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today is Visual Tuesday

Visual Tuesday...or VT Day.
In honor of this occasion, rather than write a blog, today I have decided to celebrate  by presenting an art film.

Editors note: due to a technical difficulty, disputed content and lack of interest, the film has been removed from this post.

Synopsis:  This piece is  an new work called "Wisdom for Today" by Anonymous. This film is an unapologetic homage to advertising, product placement and the capitalistic commercial branding of Art. It tells the tale of a writer's work being abused by voice over talent and poor directing. He struggles with notion of images over words. Is a picture worth a thousand words?  Which will hold the publics attention more... the writers words or the producers images subjectively chosen to fit between commercials.
While the concept of "Wisdom for Today" assumes we will understand it as metaphor for the environment of creativity, the delivery lands with a thump. One look at the "desk" and we can not believe that the environment was anything but staged. The office and the computer screen are much to cluttered to represent a place where real word smithing can be done. It makes the audience wonder how anyone could write in the state of confusion the film represents.
Not even a pandering sound track and Asian influences on the production design can save this other wise modest attempt. Although it is categorized as a comedy it does not seem to be funny in the laughter sense of the word.
This film has not yet been rated and parental supervision is recommended.  And of course there is no wagering or betting allowed based on the outcome.
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Tom Farrell said...

Cluttered yes Jay, but You know where everything is.