Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Astrological Forecast...

It was dismissed by some as pagan ritual and occultism but for others it was the truth from the center of the galaxy.  For all who remember and those who forgot and mostly for those who can't tell the difference, The Weakly Forecast by Medium Rare has returned to this blog for a short time.
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Medium Rare Signs
Small signs from the medium at large.

Astrological forecasts are provided for entertainment only. Please no wagering or gambling based on the information contained here in.

Wednesday, September 25, 20013

Capricorn - The coming year looks to be getting even better. Your birthday season is very exciting for you now. Enjoy it and know that more is coming even if there is a turn in the road. Take some time to be a friend to your pet.

Aquarius - There has been a sea of trouble for you, but there are calm waters ahead. Don't let indulgence dull your senses to what is coming. You need a clear head so you don't get over confident in the calm. Make the sale you are thinking about.

Pisces - Just decide what you want to do. You really can't make a mistake, both paths are leading to the same destination. Each will be its own journey. Enjoy the ride. Do it now.

Aries- Although it seems you are between a rock and a hard place it is not the case. That is not a wall you are butting up against but your own limitations. Try a more gentle approach and see if there is an easier way through.

Taurus - In spite of others thinking it is the end of the world, you believe differently. Things are looking up for you. There is no reason to be happy except to be happy. Be strong and work hard for someone else in your life.

Gemini - Start looking to the future. Try to find the thing you like to do so much you would do for nothing and make that a career. It is okay if you only do one thing in a day. Relax and let someone else take the rein. Take yourself out to dinner and let the other one pay.

Cancer - The thing you need most is sunshine. Recharge you batteries. Get out of the house. Have some fun. The shell you have built up around your life is too thick. Meet some friends for crab cakes.

Leo - You have had some incredible insights and your communication skills are very acute right now. Forget about being in charge. Just be. Know the now that you are. Adopt a cat.

Virgo -Stop trying to beat the legal system. You must find the balance within yourself, because established systems will always let you down. Just pay the fine and get on with your life. Keep a clear head.

Libra -Try to be yourself and not what you think others want you to be. It may be that you have to be more truthful to yourself and admit that you are no angel. It is okay, no one is perfect and if you think others see you that way you are probably wrong. Let go.

Scorpio - That one o'clock appointment is very important. Go for it and you will hit the mark. It is the Zen like approach that you need most. Think through the target. Wear something with feathers.

Sagittarius - You are mad and ready to strike, but the reason is all gone now. It is time to cool off. You don't have to fight or hide under a rock, there are more options opening up. Enjoy the sunshine.

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