Sunday, September 01, 2013


I jump at the chance to go to the Hollywood Bowl with friends, especially if we can snag a box. As luck would have it our friend Monica was singing in a tribute to her dad Henry Mancini last night and she was able get a couple of boxes for us. It was sold out, at 18 thousand or so. And it was a great evening.
Now for those who do not know the bowl, a box seat is a small cubical for four people with a little table to dine on with either waiter service or, as most people do, a picnic brought from home.
The program was a tribute to Henry Mancini and Blake Edwards, good friends and collaborators on many many films. Monica sang the "days of wine and roses" and Mrs. Blake Edwards, Julie Andrews, narrated with the back stories she personally knew about the two honorees. The 88 piece orchestra was conducted by John Williams.
As we made our way through grounds to get to our box there were lots of vendors but instead of the usual tour tee shirts for sale, they were selling light up toy swords. I would have thought this merchandise was meant more for a younger crowd than would come to honor Henry Mancini and Blake Edwards but they seemed to enjoy brisk sales.
The Tribute was the first act, and the second act was the music of John Williams films. Toward the end of this section it all came clear to me. In that moment I grabbed my video to document my revelation.  .
 I was there to see Julie and Monica and pay tribute to two men I actually had met and worked with, But ...of course John Williams wrote the theme music to Star Wars.  A Crowd of 18 thousand people turned into kids waving light sabers in the air.  I looked at Sandi who wondered  as I had about the light up toys for sale when we walked in... we both said... "Well.. Duh... of course" 
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Tonda said...

Gave me chills! How COOL!

Thomas Hibbard said...

John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl...always a delightful way to spend an evening; as we did, too (although ours was bench seating, not box). Seeing Julie Andrews was a special treat, an event that will go into my bank of memories. Now, Jay, you and I know that Patty Paul takes in every theatrical performance in town. But, she wasn't at the Bowl last night. I clearly don't have much influence with her, after 40+ years of knowing her, so I urge you to use your considerable influence to help her understand that when John Williams is in town she should always be at the Bowl.