Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sandy Hook - The Movie?

Recently it was revealed that cinema vultures are circling Newtown hoping to make the movie of the mass pedi-killings at the Elementary school.  The question on every one's mind was: is it too quick after the incident to make the movie. It was a question of timing not intent.
The question should be "Why make a movie about it at all?" What in site or understanding will we gain by having Hollywood depict an incident that was covered 24/7 for weeks  as it was happening? Any insight to why it happened will be a screen writer's speculation driven by a producers desire to make money. If there can be no new reasoning, no real understanding why relive the tragedy in Dolby surround sound and a High Definition picture?
Is the entertainment industry so completely money driven that even the killing of 20 kids in kindergarten if ripe for a "rights" bidding war?  Where is the line that humans refuse to cross in the name of "entertainment?" OR is there in fact any line at all. My fear is the latter. There is no line that won't be crossed if there is a potential for money on the other side.
The only thing I can do is vote for higher thinking with my wallet. Make the Sandy Hook movie or not, it makes no difference to me because right now I am stating clearly that, I won't buy a ticket to support it.
I suppose that is the only point to this mini-rant. It is repugnant to me that a greedy production company would stoop low enough to attempt a piggy back ride to the bank on the shoulders of 20 dead children.
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Nick said...

Take it easy - this isn't some huge big budget Hollywood production. It's some random guy's project that currently has the whopping budget raised of $640.


Nick.... so if it's a bad idea with a small budget then it is okay? The shooting itself was some "random guy's project". I think you missed the moral point entirely.

Anonymous said...

Individuals gleaning profit from tragedy need to be ostracized. America has become so morally desensitized such a movie will probably make tons of money.
We all need to sit back and reevaluate this culture... we're headed down the toilet.