Friday, February 22, 2013

Blinking Cursor

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It used to be the blank page that frightened the muse from my psyche.  Now it is the Blinking Cursor.  It even sounds like a curse... that Blinkin' Cursor. It is Friday for all you current readers and the cursor is blinking. But since I choose to take the weekends off from this self-imposed blog schedule. TGIF.
I just returned from a trip to Orlando and while I was there I saw Paul Kreppel do the part of the Wizard in "Wicked".  This is the last three weeks of his contract after a year of touring the East and Canada. I love Paul and he was wonderful in the show.  In fact he does a star turn with a song called Wonderful, if you know the show.
It was my second time to see the show. I saw the touring company that came to Los Angeles.  There was a lot that I had forgotten, and much that was clarified in Paul's production. In fact I mentioned to him that the actual story telling in this company's performance was clear and well delivered. Most of my party, who had seen the show before, agreed. I don't want to make this blog a review of the show except to say what a great time I had watching my friend Paul.  He has watched me as director of "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only" so many times I am still behind trying to match his record.  
When Paul was doing the solo show "My Mother is Jewish, my Father is Italian and I'm in therapy" at the WestSide theater in New York I said to him after the show: "Now you know how difficult it is to carry a one man show."  Without a moment he said, "Yeah, but I have to do this show alone." 
It is true, I have several "actors" that perform with me.  Funny thing though... their performances seem to make me more tired than if I was alone. 
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Bob Conrad said...

I saw "Wicked" on Broadway a few months ago, excellent show.