Monday, February 04, 2013

Poet's Coroner

The Holy Man
By Jay K. Johnson

The Holy Man, upon the mount knew all 
       or so I’d heard.
He was a man of letters and 
       He possessed the Holy word.

This secret word was written,
inside His Holy book.
I made the trip to see the Man,
and hoped to steal a look.

He prayed inside a simple cave
no golden temple glare.
He seemed to gaze right through my soul
 and know why I was there.

He smiled at me a gentle smile
and then had nothing to say,
He gave to me His Holy book
and sent me on my way.

I had no gift to give the Man,
he didn’t seek exchange,
I now possessed the Holy Book
my life was soon to change.

I quickly opened up the book,
 with secret how to live,
Within the book was just one word
and that one word was “Give”

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