Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nothing but Nyet

There are times when I think that the world has turned to Nyet. Although the Russians spell it "Het" it means "no".  I'm not saying the world has turned to No.... it has turned to Nyet. 
It is not so much the meaning of the word as the sound.  It sounds final and finished. Nyet.  There is also a desperation to the word as it almost sounds like NOT YET in English.  Nyet ends in a consonant. The "t" sound is the sound of a spit. Nyet is NO with the punctuation of a spit in your eye.
It just seems to express more than negativity, it expresses an attitude of hopelessness. 
Of course hopelessness in not contained in a word, or even several words.  In fact it is not a word at all, it is perspective. Every NO has to contain some element of a yes or it has no function.  When doing an improv exercise the first thing you learn is to answer yes to any question.  Yes let's the action continue when No will stop it.
For example one actor asks the question, "Is that someone at the door?"  The only logical continuance of the action is to answer "yes"  and add to the movement. No stops all direction, movement, action and conversation.
"Is that someone at the door?"
"Yes, and if it is the landlord coming for the rent you have to pay." And the action continues
"Is that someone at the door?"
"No"  That answer stops the conversation and the action is over.
"Nyet." The action is over and I spit in your eye to make you go away.
As easy as it seems to say Yes to life and answer every question the world throws at you with Yes...and, it is a constant struggle for me. Today I needed to remind myself in a Blog that I do have a choice.
So, Jay will you listen to what the world is telling you and find a way to say Yes...and?
Probably Nyet.
As you were,

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