Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning Poetry

The Spider's Web
By Jay K. Johnson
In a seldom used dusty old storage space,
I spotted a beautiful spider’s webbed lace.
The work that it took to create such a sight
Must have taken a spider all day and all night.
A marvelous feat of a spider’s great skill.
Anchored securely from the walls to the sill.
With no more time for a web on this day.
In a wave of my hand I swept it away.
As the fragments of gossamer swept past my face,
I crushed a small world and I left not a trace.
A spider now homeless and jobless it seems
I killed spider hopes and all spider dreams.
A day and a night to a spider must be
A month of hard work to you and to me.
What is contained in the spider’s small id
That lets him create such an outstanding grid?
Do spiders get down and go through a depression
At seeing the end of their only expression.
Do spiders hire therapists just to ask why?
Do they cry and get mad, and curse God or die?
Spiders don’t scream out to God “We can’t take it”
Or worry of webs and the time spent to make it
At losing a web they don’t run to their mother
They simply get busy and create another.


P. Grecian said...

I like that. Gonna be thinkin' about it all day.

Cheryl said...