Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bastille Day

No,  your calendar is not wrong. It is not July and it is not Bastille day.  I was reminded of a story a friend told me based upon an incident this after noon. Hopefully the reference will be come clear.
Sandi and I went to lunch at the Orlando Fashion Square today.  The total of the bill came to $19.61. The cashier said, "That will be nineteen sixy-one."  I said, "That was a very good year for me as a child." She looked at me as if trying her best to even "imagine" me as a child.  Not only did I suddenly feel very old, which is not difficult in Florida, I didn't feel very witty either.
That reminded me of this story. My friend was topping off his tank at a gas station in Oregon. There is a state law that you can't pump your own gas anywhere in the state.  It is like the old days when the attendant does the pump jockeying.  After pumping the gas the attendant came to the drivers side window and said, "Seventeen eighty-nine."  To which my freind replied.... "Bastille Day..." which of course took place on July 14, when the rabble stormed the Basille in the French Revolution in seventeen eighty-nine.
The attendant seemed irritated, looked at my friend and said, "Hey Buddy, I don't make the prices."  Some of us will never learn that we are throwing intelectual pearls of semi-humor to the swine. But then again if you wait for the perfect audience to ply your wit then you will get out of practice.
Have a good Tuesday...
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