Monday, April 30, 2012

They're Coming to Get Me 
Saturday I did a benefit at a private residence in San Diego.  It was a gated community up in the hills of Del Mar.  A spectacular home with an incredible yard, the backdrop for the stage was an incredible view of the Carmel Canyon.  The producers had gotten the best in the way of sound and lights and even though out door gigs are not my favorite, this was extremely well done. 
Although when you have to follow an auction where the audience is being squeezed for every dime they can, and one that goes on for more than an hour, there was a little energy left for me to mine. They were a good audience for me.
At one point Darwin was especially loud with a monkey sound that echoed through the canyon.  This was immediately followed by what I thought  was a siren.  Darwin said, "Oops, I think they are coming to get me."  It became immediately apparent that it was not a siren but a pack of coyotes howling.  They seemed to be responding to the monkey sound. Every time Darwin made a loud noise the coyotes would go crazy. When that response became predictable Darwin and I began to play with it. If the guy down front didn't laugh, Darwin would yell "Come get him boys" and the coyotes would go off.  It became a fun idea to play with to the point that I thought the sound was getting a little too close. I wasn't sure it would be funny when the pack of wild dogs actually attacked the party.
Later one of the patrons complemented me on the great distant voice that I did with the dogs. He said, "I guess that doen't sound as good indoors as it does outside."
Of course I just took the compliment and said "Glad you liked it".  Always let them think you are more magical than you really are.
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