Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Imagination for Hire
Never hired any one to imagine for you? Why not? As Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". The missing ingredient in any success is probably lack of imagination.  If you are out of imagination,  or you have become "blocked" to your own imagination, why not hire someone to imagine for you. If you are out of paint you would go to someone with paint for sale; the same principles apply to imagination.  Get the raw materials you need to finish that project that is on the edge of success.
Modern business is stressed by too much knowledge and too little imagination.  On the other hand there are artists who lack the knowledge of a particular project, but have more imagination than they can use for themselves. Finally there is a way to bring these two resources together.
Welcome to Jaysons Imagination, Inc. - Imagination for hire. Adding imagination to your project is fulfilling, fun, and almost affordable. More importantly it is completely confidential.  No one will know it is not your imagination at work.  Jaysons will never disclose a client list nor use any information. Non-disclosure agreements are required for both the imaginor and the imaginee. 
At Jaysons Imagination, Inc. we get paid to think about it. You forget it, let us get it.  You give us the how or what  and forget it.  We will give you back the why, for a modest hourly fee.  It is cheaper than using that hour to think for yourself, even if you had the tools. 
When you have a project, product, service, book, screenplay, theatrical event, live performance or a simple toast to the married couple to conceive; You have to ask yourself...
What is my time worth? How many hours will I have to waste trying to be "creative"?  Do I have the time to sit around daydreaming? Of course you don't. At Jaysons Imagination we do. 
At Jaysons Imagination our business is daydreaming for you. Not only does it take that time demand off your calendar, Jaysons Imagination excels at daydreaming 24 hours a day, and we have been doing it for decades.  Over the years no one has wasted more time in creativity than the founder of Jaysons Imagination. 
Here are some of the words clients have used after subcontracting their imagination needs to Jaysons Imagination, Inc.: 
"That idea worked great. Don't let on it was not mine. LOL"
"I had no 'creative' worries. I just let them (Jaysons) imagine for me."
"I looked like a hero when I used your imagination for hire.  Thank you Jaysons Imagination, Inc."
"I have found in my business there is a lot of wasted time in creating and creativity. I was never that 'artsy fartsy' anyway.  It used to stress me out. No more. Now I just let Jaysons Imagination, Inc. waste all that creative time for me."
"The price was reasonable for the imagination I needed. If anyone can imagine how it is, Jaysons Imagination can. "
 (Of course we can not revel the names of the famous clients that wrote these words, but you can imagine how big they are in the corporate and show business world.  If you can't imagine how famous these clients are then you could be in need of some "imagination for hire". call Jaysons Imagination, Inc for a free quote. )  
Don't waste another minute trying to imagine how it will be.  Let our imagination make it so. 

This was a paid advertisement. World is a Stage takes no responsibility for the claims made by Jaysons Imagination, Inc. However we have used their services and have found them to be excellent. 

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