Friday, April 20, 2012

Heads and Tales? 
I have blogged several times about my superstitions. One of them involves carrying a coin in my pocket for luck when I am on stage.  I am particular about what constitutes a "lucky coin".   My requirements involve size and weight, and the fact that the "lucky coin" is not US currency. If you can spend it, it is change not a talisman.  I also want the coin to be of a size that I can easily identify when reaching into my pocket.  Lastly it can't be as big as a poker chip because I sometimes have a nervous energy habit of rolling the coin across my knuckles. A coin about the size of a half dollar is perfect.
I have a 75 cent piece coin that is the right size in my "lucky coin" collection.  It has the face of Charlie McCarthy on one side and Mortimer Snerd on the other.  It was given to me by Edgar Bergen.  Seventy-five cents was the weekly allowance Edgar gave to Charlie McCarthy. Bergen had the coins struck as a give away to fans.  He was asked to stop making them when it was found that they could actually be used in vending machines at the time.  I don't know how many were struck or how many are still around,  but I have retired this one from actual "lucky coin" duty. 
But now my friend Clinton Detweiler has produced some really beautiful coins that are not only the perfect size for my talisman, they honor the mentors and peers of master ventriloquists.  What could be more perfect for a superstitious ventriloquist like me?  (Click here to take a look at the HOF Coins)
They have the potential of becoming incredibly rare collectors items since they are being sold only by Clinton who created the idea.  If you are a collector of coins, novelty items or ventriloquist memorabilia, this could be right up your alley.  I am not a paid sponsor just an avid fan of Mr. Detweiler.  He has been a dedicated supporter and practitioner of the art of ventriloquism for most of my adult life. Now he has come up with an idea that speaks to my druid superstitions and my career passion.  Thanks Clinton.
As you were,


P. Grecian said...

Yep. I bought two sets: One unframed and one framed. Clinton has been generous with sending me coins for free, and unsolicited, in the past; buying two sets was the least I could do.

I'm going to hang them in a display. I have an autographed Winchell photo that I bought on ebay, plus three others: One from Clinton with his figure, Skinney Wyler; one from Jimmy Nelson, personalized, with Danny and Farfel; one from Lucille Elmore, personalized, with her four figures. She was a vent in vaudeville and clubs and encouraged me in my youth. Nobody seems to remember her any more.

I'll hang them up with the coins in the middle.

And one of these days I'll shake your hand and get a Jay Johnson photo as well.

Clinton's coins look great. He's talking about a second set. I'll get THOSE, too!

William Duff said...

Hi what apleasure to meet you and to get to write you, I too bought the Hall of Fame Coins, Fantastic, I even posted the add on Facebook, with Clinton's approvalof course, I too am a vent, well, I amnot sure which one of us is the dummy figure, But I hope we become a team. I post on face book often, if you would like to be a friend on there, I would think that would be cool. Send request to William Duff Thanks.