Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Politicians get off my Lawn!
Are you like me?  Are you already tired of the political rhetoric for the next presidential election?  Didn't we just go through this? Is there any time in American politics when these jack wad politicians are NOT running for office? It seems to me that nothing is really getting done except stump speeches and blame tossing.  The minute they get elected they start trying to get re-elected and never do the job that they were sent to do.  Instead of making a governing decision that will actually be good for the country in the long run, they posture and pontificate to reassure their own re-election in the short run.  
In California there is a law that says you can't sell Christmas trees until December 1st. It is a safety issue as much as anything else.  There would be retailers who would start selling trees in October to beat the competition. We would have dried out pine trees with electric lights attached in our homes ready to bust into flames by January.  It makes sense and so far Californians have not felt left out of the celebration because of it.  We have almost a month to buy a tree and that is plenty of time.
I am thinking this would be a good rule to adopt in politics. There should be a date before the election when a politician can start actually campaigning, and not before. Lets say six months out, half a year. That means we would not be speculating on who might or who might not run and who is running strong or not until May of election year.  They just repeat the same talking points until the election is over anyway.  Send me your points in an email and get off my news.  It means that before a certain date no one could engage in the BS promises of what they will do in the future to solve a current problem. That is insanity it is only Monday morning quarterbacking.  If you are not in position to actually do something, shut up.  If you are in position to help the country... do it and... shut up.   
Think about all the things Wolf Blitzer could talk about between now and May 2012 if he wasn't covering politics. Several months ago good ole Wolf quoted a poll giving statistics on results if the President was running against an unknown Republican.  Really? We have to compare the effectiveness of a real president against an imaginary playmate? No wonder we are all screwed up. It is not unlike having firemen stand around watching a fire saying how much better they can put out the fire than some other fire department without actually turning on a water hose. Put out the Damn fire.
We are supposed to be voting for people to do a job... not just for them to keep asking for the job 24/7.  Setting a limit to the amount of time one could engage in trying to get re-elected would free all the politicians up to actually do the job they were elected to do.  Wouldn't that be a great idea.... politicians actually trying to make a difference in our life not just in there own. 
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Anonymous said...

You nailed it! True words of wisdom.

Tom Farrell

Aaron said...

Agree. This constant campaigning and trying to get re-elected is ridiculous.