Saturday, August 20, 2011

Automatic Connection....

There is something known as automatic writing which is used communicate with other dimensions. If you google it you will find this:

A form of channeling, or psychic ability, to receive impressions, vibrations, which are beyond those normally received by the five senses. Such information is translated into the touch sense of writing.

Mostly I have known this psychic practice to involve cursive writing with pen and paper. It can be actual words that make complete sentences or gibberish that can be translated only by the medium. There are cases when the mediums hand writing completely changes in style while channeling what ever they have tapped into. They will often sit in a trance and never look a the paper or pen. Often the message comes in the form of drawing, symbols or pictures. I have never heard of keyboard channeling or automatic texting or tweeting. Of course these digital methods of writing and communicating are new to the occult practices. Not that the occult has not tried to become available to this new technology.
I have a Tarot app that will toss a Celtic Spread foretelling anyone's future on the iPad screen instead of needing the actual deck of cards. I have never thought the Tarot app was very accurate, and prefer to throw actual cards for a reading. It is the same random access to the same images, it just doesn't seem as accurate.
With that in mind, I wonder if automatic keyboarding would feel the same? Would a blog written "automatically" be taken seriously. I wonder....
As I sit at the keyboard I am over come with the vibrational impression that is beyond those that I normally receive while witting.... something seems to be taking over and.....I.... lj o io;h;; g;;
This is...and I am now in control of the keyboard. i will be communicating with yoou while the normal blogger on this level is tracned out. I Yrrep, exist n the dimension of vibration. I exist as a wave pattern through the fabric of space and time that knows no limitations, only sycroniciity and sympathetic vibrational patterns. I see all because time is one with my consciousness. I know that many of you are waiting for a sign from a higher knowledge to tell you how to best survive this physical world. I have the answers that you are looking for. But I have to be sure of your sincerity. Many would use the future knowledge for their own personal gain and become wealthy. I have to know that wealth is not your motivating reason for contacting Yrrep. I see your future and I am ready to share that vision with you, but not for monetary gain. Money is the least of all vibrations and I will not be party to creating more of those useless universal vibrations. Prove that you care nothing for money by sending the cash equivalent of half your current net worth.... to me Yrrep in care of Jay Johnson's pay pal account. Once that transaction has cleared you will get a personal message from the great Yrrep via automatic keyboarding at this blog address or Twitter. Be free of your lust for money.,. send it to me right away. The high tech digital reading of your future is waiting for you to take advantage of.. ..... oops connection is getting weak... have to go.... send the lute and don't forget to LIKE me on Facebook.......I'm melting.... melting.... what have
Geez, that was weird. I have no memory of typing for the last twenty minutes or longer... I have no idea how long I have been in a trance. I don't know if there was an entity that came through... It is all blank to me... automatic you might say... like I was receiving vibrations, which are beyond those normally received by the five senses .... I will not go back and re read this message so I am not attempted to edit the communique. I guess all I can say is do what ever the being said to do.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

Jay, tried to get your Pay Pal page but couldn't get
through! Instead I got this message:
"Safari can not find this page because it has been
dropped by the server. Sometimes this happens
when the server is very busy. Try again later!"

So, I guess you are getting very rich and your "automatic Connection" worked!

Tom Farrell

Russ Lewis Russo said...

Really funny, Jay. Nice set-up, nicely written. A good bit..."see through con."