Monday, August 15, 2011

Whovian - 
Great word, but I had to look it up.
 From Wikipedia - "Doctor Who fans are sometimes referred to as Whovians." 
Actually I am a Whovian without prejudice, which is a legal term for "I have nothing against it."  However, the fact that I indeed had to look up the word would mean that I am not worthy of the title. I see Dr. Who on a time delayed DVR schedule since it is on permanent Tivo record. Although, if it was not for my wife and son, who are definite Whovians, I might not see it at all.  But I do sometimes watch the show with them,  so I am not sure what I am.
The word comes from a reader (Tiffany) who commented on the YouTube link I published of Jackie's song last week on the Blog  Really Big Shew. . Tiffany wanted to know if I had a fascination for cute teen-age ukulele players or was I just a Whovian.  Until I looked up the word I wasn't certain if Tiffany was asking me if I was a child predator or member of a cult religion.  I am happy to say that I am neither, which is not to say I could be considered normal.
What I am mostly is a proud uncle,  Jackie is my 15 year old niece. I was best man at her parents wedding and she was born when they lived here in LA.  I was the "babysitter from hell" for her during her younger formative years.  From this early picture you can see that even before she could talk she was signaling with her left hand how she felt about my efforts to entertain her. She is holding a walnut in her right hand, again a symbol of her thoughts toward me. When she did get old enough to talk, my teenage boys taught her to do a "growly" demon voice.  I taught her to say the phrase, "Your mother sews socks in heck", a cleaned up line from "The Exorcist",  in that creepy voice.  It was very entertaining to everyone except her mother, my sister-in-law.
Now they live on the East Coast, far away from my influence so I subscribe to her YouTube channel. (I may be the only one of her subscribers over 22 years old.) On her channel she mostly reviews books, Glee, movies and of course Dr. Who. So, other than knowing that Weeping Angels exist, I am by no means up to date on the Whoisms, but I do like to stay up to date on my Jackieisms.  It is not unlike my parents who stay up to date on Jayisms by reading this blog. 
So there you have it, the reason I proudly put up the video song last week.  In the shortest answer to my reader, thanks for the comment by the way, I am probably not a true Whovian, but I am definitely a Niecearian.
Certainly not a religious cult fanatic or child predator.
As you were,


Jackie said...

Uncle Jay! Wow a blog post dedicated to me, I feel so special! ;P Thanks for posting about me - and also thanks for not being a child predator.
Love you!

Tiffany Cox said...

And I want to add: Wow, a blog post inspired by my question! Thanks! :D Now you've made my day twice in one month. (The first time was at the ConVENTion because you liked my platypus. I had just splurged to get him -- my first professional puppet -- and your comment made me feel much better about the extra hours at work to pay for him.)

P.S. Jackie, it's a fun song and you're really pretty good on that uke! Love to hear more of your own Trock. :)

P.P.S. And, yes, thanks, Jay, for not being a child predator.