Thursday, August 11, 2011

Right here Right on Our Shew....
If the above title means nothing to you, then stop reading now.  If you do not know who Ed Sullivan is, this blog will mean nothing to you.  Right here... right on our... you know, was a phrase owned  and used every Sunday night on television by Ed Sullivan. Ed Sullivan was king of the television show I wanted to do when I grew up.  It was in its time the worlds most successful and famous television variety show.  Ed Sullivan presented every kind of act from Opera stars to plate spinners and circus acrobats.  The first ventriloquist I ever saw was on the Ed Sullivan show. Yep those were the days. They don't make them like that any more .. and .. you try to tell those kids these days; and they won't  listen to you, the won't even look up from their smart phone... they got no respect for their elders with their MP3's and their 4G's....the whole thing is a BFD if you ask me..... and...YOU KIDS GET OFF MY YARD....(Once one is onto a old Fogey rant, one must continue to the end)
Ed Sullivan was a show biz gossip columnist for the The New York Evening Graphic[2 and later for The New York Daily News. He parlayed that into a radio show and a television show. He introduced acts of every variety every Sunday night.  He was a lover of talent , all kinds.  He and his wife traveled around the world to find new and exciting acts for his show.
I never got to do the Ed Sullivan Show. I was still in school when the show was cancelled.  But I did do the Letterman show and they tape in the Ed Sullivan theatre.... that counts for something...but it's not the same.
So I will never get that experience but perhaps I can BECOME the avatar Ed. The talent presenter for a new Media. The Ed Sullivan of YouTube, Presenting new talent to the blogosphere and beyond.  There is a world of talent in the ether world today. Perhaps I can tap in on that. Yeah... that's the ticket.....
(Que: Scooby Doo time lapse wiggle fade) 

So... right here.... right on our stage... okay right on our blog..... 
Making her debut as a singer song writer, a rising star on YouTube... Here she is accompanying herself on the ukulele and singing an original song.... called "A Song about Chameleon Circuit"  Here to explain what a Chameleon Circuit is welcome...... JAUAUCIE 
 ( Ed was always mispronouncing people's names... it made me laugh just typing it...)

Best wishes to a lovely singer. Remember you saw her here first.
So..... GuNite...
As you were,


Bob Baker said...

My favorite Ed Sullivan story is about his response to the critic Harriet Van Horne who commented after Ed's first TV show that "he got where he is not by having a personality, but by having no personality."

Wrote Ed:

"Dear Miss Van Horne,

You bitch.

Sincerely yours,

Ed Sullivan "

Tiffany Cox said...

So, Jay, are you just amused by ukulele-playing teenagers who write tongue-twister songs with funny words, or are you a Whovian yourself? I will admit that I am both. :)