Friday, August 12, 2011

Ever notice when you suddenly become aware of something, it seems like the whole world is talking about it.  You stumble onto information you never knew existed about the subject. It's like a door opens in your consciousness.  
Now that we are dog owners again, the world of the dog has opened up, like walking, for example. A dog is a great excuse and often the very reason, to take a walk.  In New York walking is not an issue, but in Los Angeles walking is like a second language.  Driving is the dialect spoken here.  That is partly because of the Southern California geography or topography, if you will. There are mountains and valleys to navigate and civilization has spread out instead of up.  There is no village to Los Angeles.  "I live in Encino but my favorite market is in Studio City" and that requires a drive.  In New York your favorite markets are in your neighborhood, your sub village, if you will (again... from now on I assume you will until otherwise informed).
Okay so this is what I started noticing while I was out walking in the world of dog: how many other people are walking their dogs in the neighborhood.  I now see dogs everywhere I look. We live a block away from Libbit Park which is just the right size, dog friendly neighborhood park. In typical LA style people drive their dogs from all over the valley to Libbit park to..... walk. 
Then there is all the information about dogs out there on the Internet Info Highway.  There are dog toys and dog meds for sale.  Groomer ads, training classes, videos, (of which I am guilty of perpetuating) and everything you might need for you dog is for sale.  With the exception of Michael Vick most people treat their dogs better than the treat their families.  
There was a survey done recently.  I guess somebody is being surveyed somewhere in the world at every given moment, nonetheless this is one of them.  The poll said that 20% of smokers said that if second hand smoke began to effect their children they would quit smoking, 30% said they would quit smoking if it began to effect their pet dog. I would say that "having a dog's life" is not the negative as it is often used, at least not now.  I'm sure there will be more proof of that with the continuing wisdom of Wok. 
The summer is winding down, the weekend is here... go outside and walk your dog. 
As you were,

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Bob Conrad said...

I start most days, right after breakfast, by taking my two labs for a walk. One chocolate , one Yellow.