Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is the first blog, that has blogged on my new IPad. It is really a steep curve to work in this virtual keyboard. That is enough for now.
As you were,


Roomie said...

Mandy and I have been concerned because you haven't "blogged" in so long....thought we had offended you or something equally as bad....we never hear from you, however, and literally "hang" on every post....how about that for "sucking up?"...and we don't even have to. We love you and want to hear from you....or even better, SEE you in person....you better set aside time for us in February......an IPad....you are now the virtual High Tech Vent...
Carry on...

George said...

Hi Jay,

My daughter and I saw you in San Luis Obispo. I'm telling all my friends about your show. We stayed for the Q and A, and could have stayed for more!

Your show was amazing. Memories of Soap was a blast.

Oh what fun!

Trying to find out when you're in the LA area, I found your "Now on tour" link needs to be updated.

I work for Ray Pierce (hollywoodaerialarts.com). The two of you know each other. You probably know him as a magician in TX... decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay -- Can't find any other way to contact you! This is Toni, aka "Tee Cee," your fan and penpal (along with my cousin "Parker Jay") during your "Soap" days. Remember us? We sent you a Raggedy Ann doll, amongst other things. She now lives in NY and I live in LA; we're both in the entertainment business. (Producers, not strippers!)

A friend and I are going to see you FRIDAY in Santa Clarita. Would it be possible to say hi afterwards?

If you have the chance, you can drop me a line at tonirific@sbcglobal.net.