Thursday, October 14, 2010

Small World

My shows were last night and I finally got to meet the cruise director. He is not the CD that was on duty when I was here for the Alaska runs.
It turns out he is married to a lady that grew up taking dance at my Mother-in-law's dance studio in Houston and I have met him before.
I remember his wife Cindy very well. She was just a teenager at the time. Later she stayed with us for a few days when she moved to Los Angeles.
Cindy's kids eventually went to the same school as our kids and I met Billy her CD husband at a school function years ago. I'm not sure I totally remember it, but do recall the occasion. I was hosting one of the schools infamous Dad's Club Variety Shows.
I guess it goes to show you that one never knows who they will be deal with on any given occasion. The rule is try and treat everyone as someone you know.
As you were,

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Bob Conrad said...

Sammy Davis said, always be nice to the little people on the way up, because you will meet them again on the way down.