Saturday, October 30, 2010

Magic.... pure Magic
If I live to be a hundred and I am lucky enough to continue to work on stage I will never get tired of the magic that is the theatre. Tonight we performed the Two and Only at the Performing Arts Center in Santa Clarita. I say we because John Ivy my "man behind the curtain" put the show together with the the same perfection he usually brings to work. I could not do the show without John. Sure I could do the voices and the story, but not the show. He is a multi-talented guy who is uniquely qualified to mount this show. And without his talents and brilliance it would not be the show. But I digress.
There were many friends who made the short trip to PAC and I was late getting back from the green room to the strike on stage. By the time I got there the set had been struck and they were taking down the lights. It was a blank stage once again. Moments before the lights, the set and the sound created the show that I love to do so much; then in a matter of minutes it was back to a blank canvas ready for the next artist to create. Magic. Absolute Magic. It is all smoke and mirrors and illusion. Nothing is real or permanent, just a meeting of the imagination of me, John and the audience. For a few hours it is as real as it gets for those watching, but it is happening mainly in their minds. In less time than it takes to set it up it is back to neutral, a space for the next illusion to take place. That is special to me. The idea that it is organic, not static nor set in stone.
I told someone tonight that this is my fix. I do all the cruises and industrial shows and corporate show to get the money to do this. It is true, I am addicted to theater.
As you were,


P. Grecian said...

I understand the feeling, Jay. It's my addiction, too.
Sure hope you're in this neighborhood one day. I'm dying to see your show.

Roomie said...

That's because what you do is the magic....I remember the feeling as well, but not for some time now!!!!
Carry on,

Bob Conrad said...

There is nothing else in this world quite like it. You have to savor every moment.
I have seen your show On Broadway, and it was magic!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you back in Dallas area in Feb. Saw you at the Majestic. We're taking the grandkids this time.