Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Almost Virtual

The best thing about the Ipad is the ability to draw on it.  I am training myself to just point my finger instead of a pen. It would seem more difficult to use a pen but is not. The one thing that makes it harder is you can't see where the point is.....because your finger is in the way! 
It will take some getting used to. But here is the first drawing that I have done on the Ipad..I use it as my wallpaper. It is after all an eye pad. When I took it back to the store to have them probe my email connection one of the young guys saw it. I said "Eye pad....!" if he got it he didn't let his expression know. He just nodded.
So tomorrow I teach a master class at Canyon of the Colleges where we will be performing on Friday night. The class is on doing a solo show, which each student has to do before they can graduate. Not sure what I am going to tell them, just wait and see what the common wires are. By the way the fee for the class will cover my Ipad cost....why am I telling you that...are you the IRS?
In San Luis Obispo I got a really a really nice compliment from the local sound guy.  I have been dressing my microphone since Broadway.  I have perfected the technique so that it is completely hidden and yet gives good coverage. I think I blogged about that before. It used to be an hour set up , now I can do it in a matter of minutes. 
The theatre sound man came into my dressing room to get the mic after the show. He asked politely if he could examine my method.  He said he usually dresses it for most acts and I seem to have a secret way, of good sound with out being obvious. It was nice that he noticed. 
On to Santa Clarita Friday and then back on a ship, this time armed with a time compressor know as the new electronic toy IPAD.
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