Monday, October 11, 2010

A Moment

Yesterday at church, yes I do attend church. I attend the first Church of Frizbee. As Frizbeetarians we believe when you die you don't go to heaven, your soul ends up on a roof somewhere and you can't get it down. Any way..
At church yesterday the minister looked at his watch and said.... "The date is ten, ten, ten and at this moment it is ten minutes after ten." That evening, twelve hours later, I noted the same phenomenon to some guests at the house. I know it is only a mathematical occurrence with no more significance than you wish to give it, but for me it seemed to make the whole day better. I suppose I have to wait until November eleventh of next year to experience that feeling again. Since it only lasts for two minutes I hope I am ready for it.
Off to sea again
As you were,


Roomie said...

We still enjoy your blog but miss you very much and would love to hear from you sometime....we know you are a busy young man, but we love to hear your smiling voice...and that goes for Mandy as well....all the best...have fun on your latest cruise.....and stay out of trouble, if that is possible!!!!
Carry on,

Bob Conrad said...

I feel bad because I missed it by one day. My birthday is October 9th.
It was good enough for John Lennon so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Dave Robison said...

Hey Jay!

Non-related to the above post, but just wanted to thank you for giving readers of Clinton Detweiler's blog the opportunity to win a signed (by you and Bob)script of SOAP.

I'm keeping my toes crossed that I'm the lucky winner, it's a prize any winner will be proud to have.

Very cool of you to think of all your fans.