Saturday, October 09, 2010

Home grown archaeological digs...
In the multiplying sea of paper work I call my office/desk there is often a find that is akin to discovering ancient fossils.  A script or picture or article will suddenly be uncovered unexpectedly. The evidence leads me on a trek to find the story behind it.
Here is a case in point.  This is a clipping that  surfaced this week from some publication. It was included without a date in a file of essays unrelated to this story.
In an attempt to find some other documents this one jumped at me.  I remember the incident but not exactly how long ago it happened.  I certainly don't remember writing about it or telling any reporters.  In fact, I can't recall actually seeing this clipping before now.
Truly an historical enigma.  If you click on the article it will become big enough to read, if you so desire.
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