Monday, February 22, 2010

The Conversation That Never Ends

Yen: Hi.

Yang: Hello. Who is this?

Yen: I am the voice inside your head. How are you doing? You seem a little depressed.

Yang: Who wants to know ?

Yen: I guess you do. Why else would I ask you?

Yang: Wait a minute, are you the voice inside "your" head or the voice inside "my" head? I mean your exact words were "voice inside your head", but that would be me. Am I wrong?

Yen: Not wrong. I am me, which makes me you. It's complicated. It's only pronouns let's just say we are both I.

Yang: But I is a singular pronoun, how can you and me be two I's?

Yen: I knew you were going to ask that question.

Yang: If you knew already why did I have to ask?

Yen: You're the one who brought it up. Let's just say you are me and I am myself. We are an individual.

Yang: Does that make sense?

Yen: Why all the questions?

Yang: You're the one who started with the questions. You said, "How are you doing?"

Yen: I just wanted to know. Personally I'm doing fine.

Yang: But who are you?

Yen: I told you it's complicated. Can't you just accept me as the you who wants to know how I am doing.

Yang: How am I doing? Well to tell you the truth I've not been feeling myself lately.

Yen: What's wrong?

Yang: I think I'm hearing voices.

Yen: You want to talk about it?

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