Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Family Tree!
Thanks to David "Chopper" Sinkler for this relative, relevant photo of one of my ventriloquial ancestors. Lester was from the French side of my family. Although he attempted to get out of his duty as a soldier on a medical/mental discharge, they ruled his puppet "Searsey" was able to serve and commissioned them both.
I wish to point out that Lester's arm was not "lost during the battle of Mame at Dunkirk," they knew where it was. The arm just became disassociated with the rest of his anatomy during a mortar attack. "Searsey", Lester's wooden partner, went on to earn the French Medal of Honor for holding off an entire German division by performing a compelling distant voice routine in the trenches, causing the enemy to become disoriented and abandon their post.
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