Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Day TSA

I have talked about my never ending dislike for the TSA. This morning the over weight TSA lady screamed with delight as she pulled the cloth out of my carrying on case, scraping her overly long painted fingernails across Bob's the newly painted face, "I know you. I remember long ago when you were on television. See I'm a lot older than I look. Wow you must be a lot older than you look too."

With that she took the open case with Bob's head unprotected and exposed showing it around to all the guards nearby. There were a couple of Dummy jokes, a couple of giggles then she tossed the case back on the metal table toward me and said, "Have a nice day".

Too late, I think to myself. I wondered how this lady would feel if I opened her purse, shuffled the contents, scratched her valuables and showed it around to my associates? Not the best way to start a "nice" day.

I'm sure glad I don't have to fly on airplanes to make a living. Wait, I do have to fly on airplanes to make a living. Shit.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

Jay! When will we see a DVD on the market for TTAO?

I look for it at Amazon at least once a week!

Steve said...

Same happened to me in Tyler, TX and Little Rock with the exception that the TSA also probed and groped the inside of my guys. I felt totally violated.


Anonymous said...


Why is so out of date?
Are you going to ever tour again?
I loved the TTAO, but I would love to see your whole act.


Roomie said...

Crry on, and have a great time in New England...we love you and I ditto Anonymous dvd this run.....and I may see you in GET READY!!!!!
Love from B&P

Roomie said...

Why didn't you pull the TSA woman's head off her shoulders and show it around the airport???? EWWW!!!
Mandy wanted to know this....that unfair treatment to a wooden American.....
Carry on, Love from B&P