Friday, August 07, 2009

Air Travel
Yesterday the FAA mandated that all Boeing 767 and 757's be retrofitted with an automatic fuel pump cut off. It is designed to keep the fuel pump from sparking and causing a mid-air explosion if the fuel tank is empty. Sounds like the government is really taking care of us air travelers, but that's not the full story.

It seems the mandate came about because of the midair explosion of a 757 back in 1996. Boeing suggested that their 757 air planes be retrofitted with the pump cut off two years ago. The government decided to require it be done yesterday.

1996? Are you kidding me? Boeing and the FAA thought there might be a problem with the fuel pumps 13 years ago and they are just now requiring Airlines to comply? For the last decade we have been playing Russian Roulette by boarding a plane?

The point can be made that we haven't had a mid air plane explosion in that time but, Los Angeles has not had an earthquake of any magnitude since 1994. I don't think that means we don't need to have emergency supplies around.

When I heard this report on the news no one said why it has taken so long to correct a problem that even the manufacturer was aware of. I can't figure it out, even accounting for the snail's pace at which the government works. Makes you wonder what other little time bombs have yet to be addressed in the airline industries.

Next week I have to be in Orlando. How long will it take the Airlines to retrofit those planes now that they are required to do it? Probably not before I have to get on a plane. If I start now I can drive it and be there just in time for sound check. Fly safe fellow road warriors.

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Roomie said...

Do you HAVE to be in Orlando, or are you going to Orlando for a gig...there is a difference, you sounds like work and the other sounds like work as well, but the latter is much more fun, I am sure....take Sandi with you and you both could stop back by here to see us...we would love it....
Have a great time and
Carry on,