Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is quick and it is from my friend Mike Price,Genius. (That's not just my opinion it says so on his business card.His title is listed as "genius", just like Wylie Coyote) Mike is a comic writer and stand up. At his age I would suggest it is time for him to sit down. Nonetheless, he provides your laugh for today.

Ther is a new cocktail called the "Captain Sully": Two shots of Grey Goose and a slash of water.

Thanks MP. I'm back on land in about 12 hours. I'm not sea sick just sick of the sea.
As you were,

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Roomie said...

Well, look at it this escaped the world on land for the sea for a few days, a feat that many of us never get to back to the real world and racing up and down the ocean highway in the Beamer....we would like to know more about the tour dates....
Welcome home....
Carry on,