Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Time Flies
I was looking back in my calendar and realized this is an Anniversary for me. It is not one that I would celebrate, and not one that resonates with much happiness. It does however make me stop and think how relative time is.

On December 9, 2006 I was flying back from New York. My Broadway run was over and I was leaving New York after living there for several months. I had always assumed that the show would run through the Holidays that year, but it didn't. I remember coming home sad, depressed and disoriented. I would wake up in the middle of the night, still thinking I was at my apartment in New York and wondering where I was. The entire Christmas Holiday was oddly out of place.

So much has happened since then, a Tony, the tour and London. Too much has happened to believe it has only been two years. The only thing that lingers this year is that depressing feeling. I guess I'm still not dealing with it very well. It just seems that everything fell apart after London. The whole world went crazy. The economy tanked and "depression" became a buzz word rather than just my feeling.

This seems to be yet another year when we say "good ridence" to a tough year and hope that the next calendar will be kinder. Here is to 2009, I hope it comes soon and with a smile.
As you were,


the other one said...

yes... I remember that day well!

Here's to all the best for everyone starting right now and through the years to come!!!!!

Bob Conrad said...

Here,Here! Let's hope 2009 is going to better for all of us. Just think it was just a few years ago, when we were worried about Y2k, and that everything was going to stop. Time has a way of healing.
Keep your chin up.

A. Scott said...

Two years ago this week was also the Gypsy of the Year Competition.

I thought of you when I watched this year's competition, watching Daniel Radcliffe's joyous participation.