Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Signs
Rizza Rare is back and full of wonderful predictions. Once again, Well Done Medium Rare.

Saturday - December 27, 2008

Scorpio - Get over your anger, the strife is all over now. It is time to blow it off. You don't have to fight or hide for fear, there are more options opening up. Wear something with feathers.

Sagittarius - You missed that one o'clock appointment but it will be fine. Reschedule and you will hit the mark. Time to use your Zen state. Enjoy the sunshine.

Capricorn - A minor set back but things are going well. It is the tally at the end of the day that matters. Roller coasters can be fun, when you know they are really not going anywhere dangerous. Enjoy you pet.

Aquarius - It is time for some smooth sailing. Everything is seasonal and now it is time to relax. Don't let indulgence dull your senses, watch that party personality. You need a clear head so you don't get over confident. Enjoy the ride. Do it now.

Pisces - Just do it. Don't over think, it is better to make a move than just keep spinning. The only mistake is the fear of making a mistake. Each will be its own journey. Make the sale you are thinking about.

Aries- Rise above the horizon so you can see what is ahead. Don't forget to plan, but let it come without forcing it. Try a more diplomatic approach and see if there is an better way to see your mate. You are in your own way.

Taurus - Have you been listening to the chicken littles of the world. You know the rumor is not true, and you know things are looking up. Be happy, work at being happy. Be strong and work hard for someone else in your life.

Gemini - It is sometimes ego to observe yourself too much. Keep a perspective, but realize that it is you watching yourself and you can't really be objective. Others have a stake it the outcome. Don't smother people with your words.

Cancer - You want to stay home, but force yourself to get out. The more you stay in your shell the more you will spiral downward. Go to that party, it will make you feel like a different person.

Leo - Don't be over blown. You can be bigger than life, but try being better not bigger. The bigger you are the more you need to help the smaller. Take care of the little ones, human and animal.

Virgo - You have some bad habits that need to be looked at. It doesn't seem to matter now, but you need to correct them now while you can and have time. Others may see you as pure as the driven snow, but be honest with yourself. You know what you need to do.

Libra - There are things you are taking for granted in your life style. Be grateful and don't over indulge. Know that this time is a gift and treat it so. You may think you are in balance, but you are just a little bit off. Change your habits just to do something different.

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Roomie said...

Where does Madame Rare get these predictions? The one for Virgo is just too much and I certainly have no issues that need to be resolved "while I have the time." I have plenty of time and am just fine....remember....I am retired!!!
Love ya.....