Friday, June 01, 2012

Counting Down

This shameless promotion is brought to you by the shameless promoter himself. There is about a hundred days until the filming of Jay Johnson:TheTwo and Only" and it seems like that is not enough to finish the details, but finish and film we will. 
Like all good projects it now has its own FaceBook page. The URL is:
You know the drill if you haven't done so already please go there and "like" it. I am not sure how this helps the universe, but it does. There is a button that will take you to buy tickets, I am sure that helps the universe. I promise we will not flood your FaceBook world with useless posts. Since it is a few months away we will remind you that it is coming as it gets closer.I would love everyone who is near to come, the theatre is great and just like the name implies....Historic .....and of course spread the viral word if you will. 
This blog will show up on the page as well. If you happen to be reading it on The Two and   only page now it must be a weird sense of Dejavue . More later from these same Internet channels.
As you were,

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