Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What the House Painter Saw 
It was a Father and Son team that prepared and painted the outside of the house a few weeks ago.  They were very quiet and very polite. They were so nice, a few they were even startled to see me when I was just walking around the house. I'm not sure if it was surprise, fear, professional courtesy or just their natural shyness but they seemed always on guard around me. 
At the end of the job they attempted to say ventriloquist but asked instead if I was the "puppet" guy on television. I said yes, and at that moment felt very flattered that they recognized me. How else would they have know that I was a ventriloquist? 

Well, I got my answer as I was surveying their work yesterday.  When I stepped out of the glare outside looking at one of the windows,  this is what I saw.  I was literally up against the window before I could make out this face.  It startled me for a moment because he seemed to be staring right at me. These poor painters. For the entire time they worked around this window, prepping, priming and painting, they also had to stare down this wooden orphan watching them work.  

I am not a creepy guy and I understand what I do is creepy to some. Everybody has something that makes them shiver. (Coroners creep me out but I am sure they are fine people away from work. )  Being aware of this I do not try to freak people out, although it would be easier for me than most.  Things just happen because of the tools of my trade. This is a case in point. Had I known the little guy was guarding the window I would have asked him to move. 
Once again, Ventriloquist don't go crazy... people around them go crazy.
As you were,


David Crone said...

I am deeply honored to see the lanyard I gave you draped around the neck of your character in the window.

Nick Ortiz said...

Beautiful Figure have you used him in any show?
Best Wishes,