Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heads Up

Clinton Detweiler has bestowed upon me a great honor by striking a coin with my likness. I share this issue "set" with my friends Terry Fator, Jim Barber and Mark Wade. I have never had my own coin before. This is exciting. Knowing my superstition for carrying a lucky coin, now I can carry my own coin for luck. I think that increases the "mojo" by an expandential factor. You can see and buy a set or individual coins at "CLINTON' BLOG"

I plan to carry one of these coins in my pocket when we film The Two and Only in September.
Speaking of that event... over my fervent objections Bob is still publishing his VLOG.  It is  like a small wooden stalker following me around with a camera. A puppet poparatzzi.  Here is the latest invasion of privacy.
As you were,

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