Thursday, June 28, 2012

Instant News?

I have my iPhone set to notify me of major alerts from CNN.  That alarm went off this morning around 7:30am; it was the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Health Care Act. The quick blurb said, "Supreme Court has struck down the individual mandate for health care." I stumbled into the den and tuned the television to CNN wondering what the reaction was to the decision.
CNN was broadcasting pictures of masses of people around the Supreme Court building and a title at the bottom of the picture that said, "Supreme Court backs all parts of President Obama's signature health care law." About that time another alert from my iPhone corrected the first alert.
It seems the confusion happened because of the wording of the decision by the Chief Justice.  They found the mandate unconstitutional under the commerce clause of the constitution, but constitutional under congresses ability to levy taxes.  
CNN in its hast to be the first to broadcast the news, reported on the unconstitutionality part of the decision the minute it was read. In the next paragraph of the decision it was held constitutional.  Had they waited for the entire reading of the decision there wouldn't have been a need to publish a correction. 
This is my problem with instant news... it is instant.  Quick is not better it is just quick.   This eagerness to be quick was ultimately dead wrong on the facts this morning.  
I am not a fan of instant coffee, instant oatmeal, or most anything that has instant in front of it especially when it comes to facts and news.  As a society we should all take a deep breath, gather our thoughts and the facts before we, tweet, blog, instant message or report on a situation. Not just that it saves the extra step of a correction, it also keeps a lie from spreading.  What is the benefit from getting my coffee quicker if it is inferior to the coffee I could have if I wait for 10 minutes? Same should apply to the news.  
Broadway Set for "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only".
Originally designed by Beowulf Borrit.
Also in my news: The Trunks have been shipped to the set builders in Wilmington, NC.  They will begin construction in a few weeks.  I am going back to do some pre-publicity this month and will have a chance to consult with them as they start.  
It is very exciting, and a lot of work to get this show filmed.  I am looking forward to it.  If you haven't "liked" the Show page on FaceBook I invite you to do so. All the announcements as to the filming and eventually the sale of the DVD will be posted primarily there. 
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Anonymous said...

I believe it was William Randolph Hearst who said, "I would rather be the last to report the news accurately than the first to report it inaccurately."