Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Upgrade on Ghosts
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A thought set in motion continues in motion until replaced by another thought in motion. The thoughts cancel each other out if they are of opposing frequencies, or join together and become stronger if they are of the same frequency. *

It is almost June and ghosts are in the air. Just as I am remembering the ghost of the Helen Hayes, I get a notification for an upgrade to my Ghost-O-Meter. Anyone with iPhone apps gets these kinds of notices, but  upgrade on my ghost detector just seemed like ironic timing. Let me Explain.
The app is called the Ghost-0-Meter. 
 It detects ghosts, or so it claims. I have this app for two reasons: One, because there might be an actual chance it might work; two, I'm interested in the phenomenon of ghosts. I love a good ghost story and seek them out. As some know.
The interface to this program/research tool is a tube cabinet radio device circa, 1920's  Spiritual Movement. (See the pirated photo above). A single dial gages the strength of the signal or ghost. When the dial goes past the red and reaches maximum a bulb glows brighter until it registers that energy as a ghost.  By following the signal you can follow the path if the ghost.   But being a better than average Ghost detector myself, I am skeptical.
Although an iPhone can receive all kinds of different electrical signals, what is the app reacting to? I am not sure we have discovered the frequency of "ghost." There is no doubt that the device registers something; it could be just sensing the tiny movements in your grasp. Perhaps a GPS position. Or perhaps it is just a random order of code that never really repeats.   It is much like an electronic Ouija Board several meanings can be read into the movement of a dial. Tool or toy, I'm not sure. But I do know that the device was very active at the 700 year old hotel in Praha.  Elsewhere it was not as active with the same movements of the device. The Ghost-0-Meter registered 9 ghosts in a matter of half an hour. Evidently there could have been more here is the upgrade notice:
Upgrade: Corrected a bug that prevented  5.1 devices from saving the number of ghosts detected. 
That is all.
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Roomie said...

We are adding the app as I write...YAY...now Mandy and I can track down the ghosts here in the hills and you can track yours in L.A.....perhaps we can coordinate them to meet at the same place soon....
Carry on,

Anonymous said...

I was awakened from a sound sleep one night by a ghost - and I felt no threat. It was very interesting. I watched as he browsed through the books on my bedside table. (It wasn't a hologram, because he was looking at MY books.) At one point, I must have become more fully awake, closing off the portals, so to speak, and he vanished. I lay there for a few minutes thinking about it and went back to sleep. It is still pretty amazing, when I think of it...

Roomie said...

Our Ghost-o-Meter app keeps sending us WEST over and over to the same direction...we think it has detected you and your meter....perhaps we should take this as an omen and meet in the middle?
Carry on,