Monday, May 21, 2012

Under the Weather
I returned from Europe with a cold so New York City has not been as pleasant as I would want. Not that the weather for the first few days was not spectacular. The perfect New York weather for the last couple of days. Today it is rainly so the NYC weather has become a metaphor of my sinusus.
I am hoping to be feeling much better by this Thursday. I was asked to speak at the 100th Anniversay of the Helen Hayes theatre. On the afternoon of May 24th they will hold a ceremony at the theatre, and a party next door at Sardi's after. I really don't know who will be there or what else will be on the bill, but I am honored that they asked me to be there. It extends our vacation/anniversary trip by a few days. It was all working fine until my nose started to run. It has been a long time since I felt sick like this.
We saw a preview of Jim Parson's "Harvey". I had never seen the play but love the movie. There are some differences, but the story is still charming and funny. Jim is really perfect for this role as the gentle odd soul of Elwood P. The theatre was packed with very enthusiatic fans. I don't think this production will have any problem doing business. The official opening is on June 14th.
The next night we saw the new Disney Musical "Newsies". It has been extended and was packed with screaming fans. The show has evidently become a cult hit with a very dedicated following. I have to admit that the audience liked the show much more than I did personally, but it is a very athletic and energetic show that deserves a good run. Based on the screaming kids in the audience it should.
In a case of bone head producing, "How to succeed in Business" closed last night. Their numbers have not been the run away sell out that it was when Daniel Ratcliff was there, but the Jonas brother that is in the part now is strong with teenagers. Their numbers were fantastic for spring break, but dropped when the kids went back to school. They closed the show just before heading into summer when that audience would return.
We are lined up to see some more shows and I hope that this cold will get better so I can enjoy them more.
Thalian Hall, "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only." Filming. September 15, 2012, Wilmington, NC
As you were,


Kenny Croes said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Roomie said...

Get better...NOW...or else!!!!! Now get out there and enjoy MY city!!!!!!
Carry on,