Friday, May 11, 2012

Berlin with Luggage

Berlin is a great city and it is much more enjoyable when you have your luggage and there is not three feet of snow on the ground. A couple of years ago we experienced it with those conditions and this way is better. The legal age for drinking beer is 16 and it is okay to take your beer onto the streets and enjoy it as you stroll. Near the apartment where we are stayin is there is a bridge across the canal. As afternoon gives way to evening the bridge fills with people hanging out sipping their beers. It is a hopping place. As we "hung out" with my son and several of his friends we noticed a lady sitting alone talking to herself. Occasionally she would chase behind a car that crossed but mainly it was just yelling into the wind. I would suppect she was in her 40's much fatter than Janis Joplin but with a similar 60's attire. No one was paying her much mind, which was either encouraging her to yell louder or having no effect whatsoever. Since the rants were in German I could not understand what she was saying. She did seem to be saying one pharse over and over within the tyrade. I finally ask one the people we were with what it was that she was saying. William is a translator by profession, but had not been listening to her seriously. For a moment he put his attention on the yellling. He thought for a moment and said in his British accent. "Well, most of it is just gibberish, but she does keep saying one thing over and over very distinctly." "Yeah, what is that phrase she keeps saying." I asked. William said, "She is sayin, I need to get my penis cleaned can some one help me?" It sounded much funnier in German. I don't know if the police were the ones who helped her but they did escort her off the bridge. She was immediately replaced by a young man dressed in a tee shirt and poodle skirt doing cartwheels, with balls to the wind. We left the area before we found out what kind of help he was looking for. As you were, Jay


Roomie said...

Well, I must say that the wait for your first blog from Europe was well worth it.....OMG..."penis," "balls to the wind," "pink tutus," the police....and I thought HSV was a bit strange....glad you all are having a great time....are you sure it wasn't too much beer in you? ENJOY and post pics....
Carry on,
TB&tb <3

Anonymous said...

If you have not already been to Prague, three places to go...
Prague's Marionettes
Vratislavova 23
Considering your trade you may already know of this place

Stara Praha Restaurace
Vitezna 11 -- Great place to eat

The miniatures museum near the palace: