Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spiritual Metaphors

Just above my bathroom sink I have a statement I typed, printed and posted there months ago. I try to read it every morning to help keep me in the "vortex" or whatever you call that frame of mind which keeps you in the spiritual moment. I find comfort in it and try to reference it often.
I do remember at the time I wrote it thinking hard on how I would emphasize it for importance. Underlining some words didn't seem right, quote marks didn't seem to work either. I decided on capitalization. As apparent in the photo, I capitalized IS twice and NOW once. That seemed to reflect the inflection echoing my internal narrative. But, it began to bother me that I had not capitalized the word God.
As you can also see from the photo a drop of water fell on the word God, making it stand out in a unique way. I wouldn't have the ability to highlight the word in such a manner, even if it had dawned on me to do it. But there it is, a natural exclamation point to the phrase.
I suppose every miracle can be explained in a natural way. And it is not unusual that a slip of paper posted next to a vanity sink might get splashed. Every thing is a matter of how we see it and all in the way it is personally interpreted. If you see an event as a coincidence and not a metaphor then it is only an accident.
For me I see this water drop not as a matter of circumstance, but as confirmation of a higher level of thought. The drop encompasses only the word God and includes no other letters. It is as if the word has been circled in celestial way; or it is just a drop of water that happened to fall at that spot on the paper. It is like art, we all get to make up what it means to each of us and there is no concrete absolute answer.
As for me I got the point and see the metaphor in the event. It lifted me to consider lots of things which could be dismissed as an accident or interpreted as a sign of non verbal communication.
There are no absolute answers only the prospect of more complex questions.
As you were,


P. Grecian said...

"There are no absolute answers only the prospect of more complex questions."

I like that. I like that very much.

Roomie said...

We LIKE it......may have to borrow it and put it on my mirror in the bath....
Carry on,