Monday, June 27, 2011

One week Later...
It began with Fathers Day and ended with the wedding of Brandon's friend Stephen.  The week went by so fast it proves time is such a relative measurement.  
First the best toast for Father's Day.  Brandon and Taylor had both their Father and GodFather Harry to celebrate with here last Sunday.  I'm not sure who was first to call Harry Anderson the "GodFather from Hell", but both boys have embraced that moniker over the years.  It was a great day with my family and best friend.  Harry used to say, "Be careful not to say the word FUCK in front of the K-I-D-S."  Now there are no restrictions on stories or language in front of the M-E-N.
As eldest son, Brandon offered the official toast.  He raised his glass and said, "They say a child with a ventriloquist for a father and magician/conman for a GodFather might have trouble adjusting to real life..... (perfectly timed pause).....Cheers!" 
Big laugh from a very tough crowd.
It is great to have Brandon home, it means the house is active with his friends coming by.  Some of these people I have known since they were kids, some hang with Taylor and we see them often, but others aren't here unless Bran comes to town.  It the midst of Stephen's wedding our house was the weigh station for the grooms wedding party.  I think the party started on Friday afternoon and only briefly paused for rehearsals and wedding errands until about 11:00 am this morning.  I was glad to play a part in the festivities.  Stephen was such a lost child and I think we all thought it might not go well for him.  But he has become a great guy, with a kind soul. It was great to watch that amazing change. 
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