Friday, June 17, 2011

Sorry Peabody Hotel
I went on and on about the way the hotel was inventorying their bottled water at the Peabody Hotel Orlando in my last blog. The whole electronic tag on the water was bogus. The water is indeed free to the occupant of the room. Their draconian/digital application was an assumption on my part that proved to be not the case.
Tonight when I went to get another over priced water bottle I discovered that there was no electronic tracking device on the other bottle. It was only then that I began to examine the magnetic object on the first bottle.
Apparently the tag was a "gift" from a former occupant of this room. It was in actuality a lapel pin meant to stick on a suit or blouse to advertise a company. Some practical joker decided to punch the nail part of the lapel pin into the bottom of one of the water bottle. Very funny, and here I was blaming the duck hotel.
The electronic elements of the pin were proven to be a battery and tiny circuit board that was meant to light a tiny flash in the middle of the logo of the company. The battery had obviously run down so it was not apparent to the unsuspecting thirsty lodger like myself.
The company is ADAYANA. I looked it up on the internet and it is a consultation company. Now I am not sure that an employee was the one that ruined my water. They surely give out lapel pins to people other than workers for advertising so you can't really blame the company. So who knows.
The only thing I know is that the Peabody Hotel is not to blame. I still think that they have over done the Duck thing but that said, I am sorry I accused them of bad minibar procedure.
The show went very well tonight. I emceed a show with David Spade and Sinbad. They are both friends of mine and I don't think that the audience realized that there would never be a show with the three of us on he same bill except a corporate show. In the case of Sinbad and David Spade they are both Headliners and no venue, except with a corporate budget, could afford to pay for two, and perhaps including myself, three headline acts. So it was a special evening.
I am very glad it went well and I will be glad to go home after a long time on the road.
As you were,

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